IT Support & Solutions

When your network isn’t functioning at peak levels, your culture, clients and revenue suffer. In response, we’ve developed a comprehensive collection of tools that make up the CORE Guard Solution. These tools can be used to enhance, fix, or save your network. Our services can be customized to your precise needs – the power to perfect your network is at hand.

  • 24/7 SUPPORT


The CORE Group will provide your business with specific planning and consulting services that are relevant to your specific needs. Our recommendations may result in an upgrade to your CORE technology, infrastructure or even location (includes network design, project planning, research, relocation planning and support, etc.). Our managed service plans allow you to always remain in control of your budgets and timeline.


At the end of the day, your business needs to stay online – no matter what. By helping to build or enhance your IT system from the ground up, The CORE Group can ensure that your server, cloud communications, desktop, and mobile devices can withstand any technical anomaly. That is the benefit of having The CORE Group manage your systems.

And should something terrible happen and you do lose access for even the briefest amount of time, our award-winning service technicians will not rest until your system is back online and fully functional.


Your environment will be secure with proactive protection from The CORE Group. Our top priority is to secure all access points for remote users – that means we protect your system from viruses and spyware before they ever have a chance to cause any harm. We are constantly researching the best, most proactive AV and Malware prevention software that will eliminate Spyware, Botnets, and Phishing from your network. We are intrusion prevention specialists.

By employing automated processes, we will manage and maintain your servers, bandwidth capacity, and workstations without displacing your workforce. We will maximize your company’s productivity while minimizing downtime. On everything from service packing to disk defragging and log file maintenance, CORE will manage all network devices from one central location, and keep you informed with notifications, real-time monitoring and reporting.


With support for numerous operating systems, our Hosted Cloud Services provide the flexibility for your business to run almost entirely from remote networked devices. Businesses today require a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale as needed while providing clients (and their customers) with uncompromising performance, security and control. Our experts will help you build the best possible extension of your office that will supply near-endless storage and extensive tractability.


The CORE Group is pleased to offer 24 Hour Emergency Service and Same Day Response by our certified team of computer technicians. Once you are on board with one of our managed service plans, you can call us day or night for help. We guarantee that within 5 minutes, you will be connected to a trained, knowledgeable service technician. Call us at 562.795.6726 for our low-cost service agreements.


When you work with CORE, you enhance your IT department with technical experts who will always have your best interests top of mind. CORE will also manage all of your technology vendor relationships for you so that you are sure to get the best possible prices and services. We will also provide your company with IT budgeting and road mapping as well as quarterly technology reviews and an annual TELCO and mobility audit.


Need IT support and solutions for your existing network? CORE will perform a thorough hardware and software analysis. Upon completion, CORE will identify any environmental hazards and network deficiencies, and provide a roadmap for achieving your IT goals. The CORE Group can handle any network environment with multiple hardware and software platforms supported, including Cisco, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Linux, and many others.


As part of our managed services plans, CORE Group clients also receive many addition support solutions, if and when you need them:

Server Management:

Our comprehensive server management keeps your servers running, available and secure.

On Site Repairs:

When needed, CORE technicians can visit your location to ensure proper functionality of critical network elements.

Hosting Solutions:

CORE hosts email, web, and file transfer protocol (FTP) on Microsoft, LINUX, and UNIX server technologies. Our solutions are compatible with almost every kind of computer.

Hardware Solutions:

Our systems experts provide desktop and laptop computers, servers, external hard drives, tape drives and removable media devices, software, memory upgrades, monitors and printers at 10% above the wholesale price. By routinely updating your hardware with the latest, best technology, our team will ensure that your business is always on the forefront of leading industry solutions.


Our IT consulting clients include businesses that range in size from 4 to 500 employees. They include doctors, lawyers, real estate professionals, industrial distributors, consultants and retailers of many kinds. We provide the managed, hosted, networking and consulting solutions that they need to keep their businesses running efficiently and effectively.

The CORE Group has been responsible for managing equipment rollouts that are as small as a single desktop to the $1.1 million dollar HIPAA compliant data storage and server array that is shown on the left.

Whether you need a managed service solution or assistance to your existing IT staff, The CORE Group is ready to develop a custom solution for your company.

Some of our hosted services customers came to us with existing email, web and file transfer protocol (FTP) solutions already in place; while others were only beginning to develop their online identities with branded email and a website. Similarly, some of our network solutions clients already had a server in place before coming to us, others had nothing. No matter your need or experience level, our comprehensive, customizable menu of IT services will provide your business with what it needs to succeed.